In 2006, Rose Chapple’s family established an award in her honour as a Christmas present. It supports St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital nurses and health care aides who are upgrading their skills.


“It was the best gift I’ve ever received,” says Rose. “If a person wants to get ahead, there are obstacles to contend with, but if you’re dedicated, you’ll find a way. This is just a push, the little bit that gets them over the hump.”


The L. Rose Chapple Fund awards about $1,500 each year to a staff member focused on professional development. This year’s recipient is a health care aide working on her LPN designation. 


“The work we do here is hard. It’s rewarding but often not rewarded,” says Janet Eggert, Program Manager, Administration. “It’s not glamorous, it’s often difficult, but they keep coming back. Supporting them as they increase their knowledge is to all our benefit.”


Rose understands the tireless efforts of nursing staff, as she worked at St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital from 1964 to 1988. And she believes in the power of education, having moved to a new city as a young girl and supporting herself through high school. She is happy the award combines her two passions of nursing and education, and presents the award every year at the annual nurses’ tea.


“These are people we can help. They’re innately talented but barred from education for financial reasons. This fund is a long-term investment, so we’re very happy with it,” says Rose’s son Sam Chapple, who worked with Covenant Foundation to set up the award. “When you see the gifted people here and the way they care, there’s something magical about it.”

Chapple Family Invests in Education for Nurses